Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Once you have made your reservation at the time of your choice, we will receive your order confirmation document and guarantee your preferred car booking.

For discounts please contact the company administration personally by e-mail: info@sofina.lt or by phone no. Each discount is adjusted individually according to the Customer’s loyalty and for what period of time the lease agreement is signed.

The contacts on our site are available 24/7. If you notice the slightest failure, contact our representative immediately. If the fault interferes with further operation of the vehicle, you will be provided with another vehicle of the same or higher class.

Yes. A fine of EUR 1500 is imposed on the car rental contract.

To reserve a car, just fill in the booking form. No deposit is required.

One of the core values ​​of our company is integrity in the Customer’s case, and we provide 99 percent of our value. a guarantee that we will deliver to you a specific car you ordered. 1 percent “Leave” in case the car’s technical failure requires a large and long term repair. In this case, we undertake to provide you with another vehicle of the same class or higher class at an agreed price. In any case, all these questions will be agreed with you in advance.

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